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We envision this space as a place for you to visit frequently in order to receive live updates (pictures, videos and prayer requests) on what God's doing around the world through CEI!!

CEI has partners focusing on sports outreach in North Africa. We’ve been able to send several teams and coaches over the years to help, but due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, we can’t send anyone this year.  However,  “Jeff” and his family and staff are hosting two sports camps in August: a baseball (and hopefully softball) camp from August 3-7 and a mixed baseball and basketball camp August 10-14.  Here’s an update from “Jeff”:

“We will have a number of local coaches working with us which will provide us with some unique opportunities. We currently have about 20 kids for baseball and 30 for basketball but I imagine we will see those numbers increase a bit over the next few weeks as summer schedules become clearer. The kids will represent a number of nationalities (American, Japanese, Chinese, the country in which I serve, etc.). It’s going to be hot but we will all survive.“   

The team is also seeing an increase in spiritual interest due to the pandemic!

posted 07.07.2020

Prayer Focus: North Africa
 Pray for the organization of these camps and for growing registrations.
 Pray for the relationships that will be built/fostered during this time.
 Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel as spiritual interest is being stirred up.

   Our team met Se Yu, an Athletes in Action staff member in Southeast Asia, on a combined AIA-CEI project a few years back. When the world opens back up, we would love to send coaches to help him.  In the meantime, pray for Se Yu and his team of volunteers as they coach and reach out to sports academies.  Pray for creativity as they connect and disciple online in a country where the internet is sporadic, at best.   

   They also have some great news, as a young lady named Lisu is planning to join AIA staff with them.  She has been volunteering and has a passion to disciple female athletes.  Lisu has experienced many roadblocks to joining ministry--her family wanted her to stay with her training as a beautician and she had to wait a long time for approval from her church.  Despite the setbacks, she persisted and has been accepted to attend staff training.  Pray for God's provision as Lisu develops her ministry team.

posted 06.22.2020

Se Yu with his family

We partner with Cristobal, the Athletes in Action (AIA) Director of Guatemala. Along with CEI having to cancel our 2020 team, AIA has had several other cancellations.

Cristobal reports that in Guatemala, "the situation is out of control. The national hospitals don't have enough space, beds, and supplies. Even though our country is on partial lockdown, it is not working well. People are going crazy and not respecting social distancing."

posted 06.04.2020

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Prayer Focus: Guatemala
 Cristobal asks for prayer for his family and the AIA volunteers for safety, health, and provision.
 They are looking for creative ways to ministry online, so pray for that as well.

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