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Why Sports Ministry?

We have seen that the realm of sports is a great tool for sharing the Life of Jesus cross-culturally.  This was “highlighted” when one of our teams had the privilege of serving in a Southeast Asian nation that had just experienced a major natural disaster. 

Our missionary contact told us, "I hope you realize what playing sports does for these people. This restores some normalcy to their lives." In a time of great trauma, being able to play a game and build friendships made a huge difference.

“I have never seen these girls so happy,” exclaimed their coach.  Our team was able to build friendships, teach softball and model the love of Christ.

“Sports” has been called an international language.  As we see the impact of the Olympics and other international competition, we see the great influence of sports in many cultures. The following are a few reasons why serving through sports is a great way to reach the nations:

· Sports provide opens doors in countries closed to the good news of Jesus.  (This is true in many nations where traditional missionary efforts are not allowed or effective).

· Sports is a universal language in which we can proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord and invite others to experience Life with Him!  (It’s amazing how sports allows us to communicate in spite of language barriers).

· Sports ministry provides a natural avenue for Christian athletes and coaches to fulfill the Great Commission through the unique passions and abilities God has given them. (What an amazing way for someone to see how God can use them in area where they are gifted!)

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