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Kierstie Ersch, Kathy Schultz, Julie Caldwell, and Wendy Yantis



 Co-founder and Executive Director of Operations

Five ways to describe her:  contagiously enthusiastic, a passionate worshipper, an empathetic listener, a loyal friend, a joyful encourager

What she does for CEI:  Julie develops ministry resources, trains and equips Team Disciplers, and oversees CEI's daily operations. While serving overseas, she supports and encourages CEI's international partners, disciples team members, leads worship, and reaches the unreached through sports.

What she's passionate about:  Praise and Worship! Meeting with the Living Word through the written Word  while enjoying a good cup of coffee! Taking Jesus to the unreached! Sports! Life purpose! Deep and meaningful relationships! Cultivating and maximizing potential in others.

Her favorite shows:  College Football, MLB, The Voice, and a variety of DIY shows

Hobbies:  Arts & Crafts. Building things. Adding color to walls. Photography. Observing people.

Oddest foods ingested:  cows intestines, blood soup, chicken feet



Five ways to describe her:  Enneagram 5. Authentic. Lover of the outdoors. Calm & down to earth. A person that likes “structured winging it”—she wants to know where things start and where they’ll end and then can adapt in the in between. Responsible. Learner.

What she does for CEI:  At a very immediate level, she brings the age average down for CEI staff. At a more practical level, Kierstie will be developing and implementing the trauma & crisis teams within CEI that have historically been known as the FiRST teams.

Family: Kierstie is married to Justin Ersch who predominately works in real estate investments. Justin is also part of a family business with his dad where they do agriculture management and research. Scout Assassin is currently their only dependent—he’s a particoat golden doodle that is fluffy and wins everyone over.

What she's passionate about: Jesus. Helping people heal from trauma. Mountains. Learning.

Previously in life: For 10+ years Kierstie worked in the mental health field focusing on helping individuals heal from all types of trauma. She has worked in direct care as well as in community mental health management. When not working, she was conquering all the Colorado 14ers, climbing internationally, and going on as many trips with CEI as she could.

Her favorite things:  Mountains. Backpacking. Hiking. Mountaineering. Climbing up things (usually mountains). Camping. Scout Assassin. Traveling. Reading ALL of the books…ALL. OF. THE. TIME.




 Co-founder and Executive Director of Finances and Administration

Five ways to describe her:  Genuinely GENUINE, focused on the task at hand, hard worker, devoted in all areas, as loyal as they come

What she does for CEI:  Kathy is responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of the ministry with CEI. Her heart is that all that is done through CEI reflects the heart of the Lord. She also serves as the team leader on overseas teams.

What she's passionate about:  family, knowing and following the Lord more and more every day, reading, coffee, and the Kansas City Royals

Her favorite things:  drinking coffee, reading life giving books, watching sports--especially baseball and football, spending time with family and friends, and hiking




  Executive Director

Five ways to describe her:  Wendy gets excited about trying new things; she is a pioneer and an entrepreneur. She is a dreamer and is motivated by what we can do in the future! She gets a little bored with details. She cares about people and loves to see people develop into the leaders God created them to be.

What she does for CEI:  In her role as executive director of CEI, Wendy's passion is to facilitate our vision to reach the unreached by resourcing our international partners and training new staff and leaders.

Family:  Wendy is married to Rik Yantis, who teaches middle school and has traveled as a leader with Wendy on three CEI summer teams. They have a growing family. Their oldest son, Ben, got married to Camy in Spring of 2018. Their youngest son, Andrew, graduated from Denver University in 2019.

What she's passionate about:  Wendy loves training leaders and is passionate about raising up young women to lead CEI teams and serve on the mission field. Wendy is also passionate about dark roast coffee made strong and God’s Word. When those two things come together each morning, it’s beautiful.

Previously in life:  Wendy served on staff with Athletes in Action and started the AIA softball teams in 1984. From 1990-2005, she was on staff with two churches in Southern California (youth ministry and leadership development). Wendy and her family moved to Colorado in 2005 and after leading a CEI team in 2006, she joined CEI staff.

Her favorite things:  Baseball, specifically the St. Louis Cardinals, hiking, the Colorado mountains, hanging out with family and friends, hosting parties and experimenting with new recipes. Come on over :)

Hobbies:  Hiking the Colorado mountains! Wendy has made it to the summit of 9 of Colorado's "14ers" but also enjoys shorter day hikes with friends.

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